There’s a great deal you need to acknowledge about progressing in years. Your body not having the option to do all that it used to do, or your brain not being okay with all that it used to be doing, or even understanding that you’re as of now not the youngster that everything on the planet gets focused on — these are quite unpleasant realities. Jane Fonda is taking these things with the attitude you would expect from her.


Jane Fonda is an icon of our time.

Whether you know her from works of art like Barbarella, On Golden Pond, present-day hits like Grace And Frankie, Monster-In-Law, or her notorious exercise recordings, Jane Fonda affects the world, and that is not in any event, counting her popular activism and fighting beyond the universe of the film.

At 84 years old, Jane gave an interview that was brutally honest about her relationship to her age.


“I’m super-conscious that I’m closer to death, and it doesn’t really bother me that much,” Jane said.

“What bothers me is that my body is, you know, basically not mine!” she continued. “My knees are not mine, my hips are not mine, my shoulder’s not mine. You’re looking at somebody who’s only me from [the neck] up,” she went on.


Jane had a perspective on that as well.

“The fact is if you’re alive and relatively healthy at an older — I mean, I’m almost 85, the fact that I’m still alive and working, wow, who cares if I don’t have my old joints? And I can’t ski or bike or run anymore? Ehhh. You know, you can be really old at 60, and you can be really young at 85. Health!”


Jane had to give up some of the things she liked to do, like drinking.

“It’s because even with one drink, like, if I had a martini tonight, I would be at half-mast tomorrow,” Jane said. “Now, that wasn’t true when I was younger. But as you get older, I think alcohol affects you differently. And I only have so many tomorrows left. I don’t want to be at half-mast for any of them!”

We hope we get to be like Jane when we’re in our 80s, that’s definitely an admirable attitude. Do you agree with Jane’s attitude towards getting older? Let us know in the comments.