The experts in Photoshop are able to change images into reality. The powerful digital tool offers a wide range of editing options. James Fridman is a British digital artist who uses the software to troll the internet. The witty artist interprets their commission literally, resulting in hilarious and weird images.

People online can’t seem to get enough of Fridman’s funny photo edits. Everyone who submits a photo to Fridman knows they’ll get a funny one, but the expert at the photo editing program always manages to surprise them. He was asked to remove a woman’s friend from a recent photo. Instead of simply removing the man from the picture, Fridman decided to blend his face into a rock.
A girl asked the artist to turn her boyfriend into a boxer, but instead of giving him bigger muscles and boxing gloves, he turned him into a boxer dog.

Fridman doesn’t want to change a person’s appearance in favor of society’s beauty standards Fridman was asked to straighten her arms to make her look normal. However, Fridman returned the image unchanged and wrote, “Acceptance of your true self can be a constant battle. The term ‘normal’ is a propaganda technique used by modern society to make us conform to a pre-existing standard.” The artist adds, “If people can’t look past your physical condition, they are most likely not worth your attention. A pretty young girl with a genuine smile and beautiful hair is all I see in this picture.”

Fridman runs a foundation that supports children and young people who are affected by social issues. He uses humor and art to help kids.

Check out some of Fridman’s latest “fixed” photos, and find more on his website and social media.


James Fridman is known for fixing the images of people from all over the world.


The witty artist interprets each person’s commission literally, resulting in hilarious and weird images.


Sometimes the images Fridman gets don’t need to be edited at all.