Jake Paul and Anderson Silva, a former UFC star, fought on Saturday night. Paul won by a unanimous decision, giving the YouTuber-turned-boxer a big win as he continues to build his reputation in the sport.

The fight was very exciting and went all eight rounds. In the last round, Paul (6-0) knocked out Silva with a vicious right hand. It was a lot of fun to watch the fight.

Even though Silva was able to keep fighting and even landed a few punches in the last minute, that wasn’t enough to change the judges’ decision.

After keeping his perfect record, he told UFC superstar Nate Diaz and boxing world champion Canelo Alvarez, ‘I want Nate Diaz, who’s a b****.

‘He tried to come into my locker room, he tried to cause some s***. Then he always leaves the f***ing arena. So, Nate Diaz, stop being a b**** and fight me. And Canelo, you too.

In the first round of the fight, Silva didn’t do much. He didn’t throw many punches. In the second round, however, the Brazilian boxer landed a few hard blows and dodged Paul’s more powerful blows with skill.

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Early on, both fighters went back and forth with words, but the bravado quickly gave way to focused concentration when they realized that this was going to be a long fight.

Even though Silva was bleeding from his nose, Paul was able to keep his cool during the middle rounds, but he wasn’t able to land most of his powerful punches. As the fight went on, especially in the later rounds when the younger Paul started to feel more confident and his punches started to land, this started to change.

It was a show for more than 14,000 people that included boxing and many famous people, but 25-year-old Paul, who has surprised everyone with his skills in the ring, was the main attraction.

He is also a master of self-promotion, as shown by the fact that he rode up to Wednesday’s open workout on a horse and walked around Desert Diamond Arena on Saturday with two people following him in huge Transformers costumes.

The crowd’s choice, who had a record of 3-2 before the fight, was the crowd’s choice, and he was cheered loudly every time he stepped into the ring. Even though Silva is best known for his success in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), the boxer, who is now 47 years old, got his start in boxing and returned to compete in it again in 2020.

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On the same night as Paul and Silva’s catchweight fight, which lasted eight rounds, former NFL running back Le’Veon Bell fought recently retired UFC veteran Uriah Hall, and a primary care doctor named Doctor Mike fought former MMA fighter Chris Avila. Both of these fights were on the same card.

Bell, who is now 30 and has been named to the All-Pro team twice, played his best football for the Pittsburgh Steelers during his most productive years. Bell was making his first fight in the ring. During their four-round cruiserweight match, which was decided by a unanimous decision, Hall won.

‘I thought I did OK,’ Bell said. ‘That´s a great fighter right there. I think he got the best of me.’

In the main event, Paul weighed 186.5 pounds, while Silva weighed 186.1 pounds.

Paul didn’t start taking boxing seriously until December 2019, but he already has the money and the drive to make it big in the sport.

He says that he has a 30-person team helping him train and that most of the training takes place at his base in Puerto Rico.