Some people think that time travel is possible after seeing a video of Mike Tyson boxing in 1995.

Heavyweight boxing champion Tyson can be seen in the ring during his fight with Peter McNeeley in Las Vegas in the creepy video.

The YouTube user who posted the clip, JammyBantam, said that the footage came from a fight between Mike Tyson and Peter McNeeley in Las Vegas in 1995.

JammyBantam then points out a person in the crowd who seems to be taking pictures or videos with what many people think is a smartphone.

Someone in the crowd is seen taking a picture from what appears to a smartphone device, or a device way ahead of the 90s,

they write.


You can watch the video below:

Many people thought that the device the man was holding was a Samsung Star Android phone. Notably, the camera lens was in the top left corner instead of the middle, which was typical for recording technology at the time.

Even though it looked a lot like a Samsung smartphone, Snopes, a site that checks facts and debunks conspiracy theories, decided that it was not proof of time travel.

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Even Inside Edition shared the video, which had the title:

Does This Mike Tyson 1995 Fight Video Show Time Traveler Using a Smart Phone?

LBC also tweeted a picture from the video and wrote next to it:

In this 1995 photo of Mike Tyson, is the person on the left using a smartphone? Could time travel ever be possible?

Although the photographic device seen here does resemble a type of camera phone not sold until several years after 1995, it also resembles any one of a number of handheld cameras that were in fact widely available in 1995,

they explained.

The article continued:

The resolution and size of the original video make it difficult to determine specific features of the device glimpsed here, but we found a number of cameras that are both similar to what’s seen in the video and were commonly available in 1995, most notably the Casio QV-10A, the Casio QV-100 and the Logitech Fotoman.

It went on to say that even if the device in the picture was a kind of camera phone, this wouldn’t be strong proof that people can travel through time. In the early 2000s, camera phones became more common, so the idea that one man had one in 1995 is not the craziest thing that could happen.