Is WhatsApp down right now? This is a question that you are going to hear multiple times today as the popular internet messaging and chat giant is facing connectivity issues. A large number of WhatsApp users are complaining that their app is not working properly and that messages are not going through and images are not downloading. Let us take a closer look at this problem:

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Is WhatsApp Down
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WhatsApp Down: Users Complain of Messages, Images and Calls Not Going Through

WhatsApp went down on the 3rd of July, 2019 as a number of users started experiencing outages in sending messages. Some messages kept showing as ‘sending’ while others showed a single tick but didn’t really go through. Other users of the chat app have complained that they are not able to make audio or video calls.

WhatsApp Down
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Many WhatsApp users are experiencing a lag as well – stating that they are getting messages very late while their messages are being sent on time, causing a lot of confusion in chatting. Some users have complained that

Why is WhatsApp Down?

WhatsApp Down Facebook Down Instagram Down
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As of this writing, we do not know the exact reason as to why the app is down, but the most likely reason which answers the question of Why is WhatsApp Down is because of the load on Facebook’s servers have been way too much. This has happened in the past too and should be expected to be fixed shortly. Facebook and Instagram too were down earlier today.

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Here’s what people one social media are discussing:

“#instagramdown #WhatsAppDown what the f*** is hapening both whatsapp and instagram are down!!!” – @raghusaiprasath

“Social media blackout? Thank you, Twitter. #WhatsAppDown” – @SudhanshuSupa

“WHY IS EVERY SOCIAL MEDIA DOWN. I DONT WANNA GET OUT OF MY ROOM AND INTERACT 😑 #instagramdown #whatsappdown #facebookdown” – @MostlyInsanee