Facebook Whatsapp Instagram down right now

Facebook and Instagram down right now, and while the Internet giant hasn’t revealed anything officially, some users are speculating that hackers might have hacked FB!

Facebook users having trouble logging in and images not loading

Facebook Instagram WhatsApp Messenger down

According to the famous outage reporting website, DownDetector, several Facebook users have reported that they are having problems logging in. While some FB users are greeted with the ‘Account Temporarily Unavailable’ or the infamous ‘Something went wrong’ message others are either unable to login entirely or not able to see load pictures or use Facebook Messenger.

Facebook Instagram down right now hacked

It is also worth noting here that none of the users so far have reported seeing a down for maintenance’ error message which Facebook usually puts up in the event of emergency maintenance

FB users take their frustration out on Twitter

Within minutes of Facebook and Instagram going down, hashtags like #facebookdown and #instagramdown started trending on Twitter. While most of them were complaining of the discomfort that this has caused them, some of them were quick to have a funny take on the situation. Here are a few of the best reactions so far.

“I am having difficulty while seeing photos on facebook app. #facebookdown” Mohd Raza Zaidi tweets.


“so twitter dms are down and so is messenger when it comes to pics ;_;” – @lvmzmyg


“I think facebook, Facebook messenger and Instagram are down. I mean, system down.” – @m_gracegdg


“FB, Messenger and IG down. What a shame.” – @DJChibiyuki

We have reached out to Facebook and Instagram support regarding the downtime and the rumored hack attack, and we are yet to hear anything back from them. We will keep updating this space as soon as there is more development.

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