The most anticipated Bleach: Thousand Years Blood War has become a phenomenal series aired in the 2022 Fall anime season. While longtime fans were overjoyed by the first cour of the series, the main concern for many fans was that the series’ second cour would take as long as July 2023 to release.

New weebs that started to watch Bleech got to binge-watch the mainline anime (2004) and the current thousand-year war series. The fans wonder if Thousand-year blood war (TYBW) is a sequel to the original series. We have all the answers in this article.

What’s the status of Bleach Anime?

Bleach anime is an adaptation of the Bleach manga. Tite Kubo is the writer of the manga. Noriyuki Abe directed the action-adventure-themed Shonen anime. Studio Pierrot produces the Bleach anime. The series aired on TV Tokyo from October 2004 to March 2012, spanning 366 episodes. The amine follows Ichigo Kurosaki after he gains the power of a soul reaper (similar to a grim reaper). The anime was a huge hit at the time and made it to the top 10 many times. The production studio couldn’t animate the manga’s final thousand-year blood war arc. This was due to internal issues in the production studio. The anime’s mainline adopted most of the arc from the manga.

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Bleach anime sequel
Bleach manga by Tite Kubo

The thousand-year blood war 2022

The thousand-year blood war is not a sequel to the main series but rather a continuation. The manga arc was not adapted into anime. It is only now, after a decade, that the production sorted the internal issue and decided to release the anime.

The most recent season clears several of the original’s mistakes, including extravagant and unrestrained usage of filler arcs, low-cost animation techniques, and weekly production. Less than half of the 366 episodes of the main series were regarded as filler by the time it ended.

Does Bleach manga have a sequel ?
Bleach: thousand-year blood war.

The anime cinema Burn the Witch is situated in the same world as the primary series, albeit it isn’t technically a sequel to Bleach. The emphasis now moves to the West Branch of the Soul Society rather than the Soul Society that Bleach fans are familiar with. There is no anime in the series canon, despite adding new characters and foes; it is regarded as a spin-off.

Bleach Hell arc in the manga and other sequels

The current Tite Kubo works are not a true continuation of the  Bleach mainline manga series. The fabled ” Hell arc”, which concentrates on the idea of Hell inside the regular narrative, would be the closest thing to it. Furthermore, it is claimed that the Soul Society in the series is not where the souls, while in human form that commit crimes, are banished after death, but rather Hell. Additionally, Arrancar and Hollows are exiled here.

The No Breaths from Hell one-shot was published in 2021 in August and intended to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the comic and hint at a new arc. This is where the Hell arc rumors originally surfaced. The one shot ended with suspense, leading most fans to speculate that the plot may continue as the Hell arc.

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The last time jump of the original series is visible in the one-shot, which reintroduces readers to Ichika Kurosaki and Kazui Kurosaki, the kids of Orihime and Ichigo. The anime also emphasizes a festival from Bleach lore called Konso Reisai festival. The Soul Society observes this festival for 12 years after Captain Ukitake’s passing. A recurring antagonist who has risen from the bottom of Hell is also featured in the manga.