PUBG Mobile down

PUBG Mobile latest update is here which has made the servers go down to complete the process. The latest 0.13.0 patch update will bring the new deathmatch mode, making it much more similar to Call of Duty mobile. In the new PUBG update, Godzilla: King of the Monsters based theme will also be there.

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Along with a lot of other improvements and bugs fixes, the new PUBG mobile update is one of the biggest in recent times. Here is everything related to the update, for much time PUBG mobile will be down, and when can you play PUBG again.

PUBG is down due to New Update

As on tonight June 11, PUBG Mobile will be down for maintenance and upgrade to the new 0.13.0 patch updates. Tencent will start the latest update process this Tuesday by taking most of their servers offline. For both iOS and Android mobiles, PUBG can’t be played until the update maintenance process is fully finished.

Unlike other updates, patch 0.13.0 is very big and take a long time, along with free memory space in your phones. The storage requirement has been now increased to 1.98 GB on Android phones and 2.45 GB on Apple iPhone and iPads. PUBG Mobile will stay close from UTC 00:00 to 08:00 as per the official sources.

When can you play PUBG again?

Even after you have downloaded the update, PUBG mobile won’t be up for playing directly after the update. PUBG mobile will go live phase by phase in different parts of the world. The last time that the game goes live is Wednesday, June 12.

Everyone will be able to play PUBG mobile before Thursday starts, meaning a maximum 24-hour downtime. The makers at Tencent has promised that they have fixed most of the previous bugs in PUBG mobile. Let us stay prepared for the update by clearing out phone memory, and what is its effect on the PUBG Mobile game.