Outlook down right now error message

Microsoft Outlook still remains one of the most popular email services. The Outlook outage has caught many organisations and individual users off-guard.

Several major organisations depend on Outlook for carrying out regular communication. Latest reports indicate that email services are down.

Microsoft Outlook
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This downtime is going to have a severe impact. Moreover, it is hindering day to day operations. Helpless employees around the world had to resort to complaining via tweets. Let’s figure out more about the issue, including the reasons and the reactions on Twitter right away.

Why Did the Outlook Outage Happen?

The word is, there are way too many users accessing Outlook at the same time. This could have resulted in the unexpected downtime of the web application.

While companies as big as Microsoft usually rely on servers, which can handle huge loads of traffic, it appears that there was a surge in the usage. This surge has led to Microsoft Outlook breaking down for some users. The problem is temporary.

Microsoft Outlook Down
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Users Lash out to Twitter for Venting 

A number of users have complained that the service has been down for multiple hours, almost locking them out of their accounts. Some complained of an error message. On the other hand, some users received prompts that their email address, or password being invalid.

Microsoft Outlook Not Working
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Those who managed to log in said that they were unable to update their inbox. Here is a look at some of the many tweets that Microsoft has been receiving lately:



Microsoft has not released any official statement on the dates for resolution of the problem. A note has been listed on their web pages of multiple services including Azure, Sharepoint and Office 365. This is driving small and big businesses to put a hold on several tasks. Reports suggest that the software giant is working towards resolving the issues at the earliest.