The youngest billionaire in the world, Kylie Jenner, managed to hide her first pregnancy. Fans were stunned to know that their favourite icon was pregnant when she came out of hiding after 9 months. Could history repeat itself? Is Kylie Jenner pregnant again and hiding it?

Kylie Jenner rumours

Is Kylie Jenner pregnantAn inside source has recently revealed that the 21 year old billionaire is not pregnant. The news comes as a huge relief to fans who were on the edge of their seats thinking if Kylie is pregnant again, she may disappear from social media again.

The rumour started on the social media page of Khloe Kardashian where a video clip was posted. The footage showed that someone who sounded very similar to Kylie was saying, “I am pregnant!”

It has now been revealed that it was all just a joke. Kylie was carrying a doughnut tray and was probably talking about a food baby, as opposed to a real baby.

What happened last time

Kylie Jenner and Travis ScottKylie gave birth to Stormi 17 months ago. The pregnancy was one of the most famous ones of our generation and fans were speculating the entire 9 months Kylie was gone. Once she gave birth, she revealed that she chose to do this with her family as it was a very personal time for them.

When she came to know about the rumour that she was pregnant again, Kylie responded by posting a picture of herself in a sultry pose. She knelt down beside the fireplace and was wearing a Zebra striped mini dress. She was also sporting silver metallic Prada shoes that have high heels.

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