Kylie Jenner is having an extra special holiday season.

The Kylie Cosmetics is among the top five of the Forbes America’s Wealthiest Celebs list. George Lucas is at the top with net worth of $5.4 billion, followed by Steven Spielberg with net worth of $3.7 billion. Then it’s Oprah Winfrey with a net worth of $2.8 billion and Michael Jordan with $1.7 billion. Jenner is at the fifth spot and owns 100% of the Kylie Cosmetics company.

At the moment, Jenner has a net worth of $900 million and will soon become the youngest self-made billionaire. Jay-Z’s net worth is also Round $900 million, followed by David Copperfield with a net worth of $875 million. Diddy is at the eight spot with net worth of $825 million.

Jenner said,

I struggled for a minute with finding something to do on my own. Ever since I was in sixth grade, I would wear purple eye shadow. I turned to makeup to help me feel more confident.

Source: E Online, Forbes

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