Facebook Down! Two words that can cause panic among billions of people. The largest social media platform in the world has become an addiction for many! This is why, when Facebook’s sever went through an outage for a while, a number of users began to start tweeting ‘Facebook Down’ on Twitter. This even led to the phrase trending!

Let us take a closer look at what happened when Facebook went down – as well as at the reasons for this outage.

Facebook Down Error Message Login
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Facebook Down: Users Complain of Weird Login Message

Facebook users took to Twitter as they complained about a strange new message that appeared when they were trying to log in. Users trying to access their Facebook account were greeted with a message saying “Facebook will be back soon” followed by text which pointed out that the website is down for maintenance.

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Websites tend to go down for maintenance from time to time. However, a social media giant like Facebook – which has billions of users going down is quite a big event. This means that all the users who are currently active can either not access all their content properly. Moreover, some users have a hard time logging in!

Facebook Down: Here’s What Facebook Users Have to Say

As Facebook goes down, Facebook users started asking the question ‘Is Facebook Down’ on other social media platforms. Twitter emerged as one of the largest such platforms. The hashtag – #FacebookDown became the number one trending topic worldwide! Here’s a look at some tweets:

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@AlexColemanhan1: More facebook down again?

@markcoco310 tweeted: Pastors this weekend: FACEBOOK… DOWN INSTAGRAM… DOWN THE KINGDOM OF GOD???? UP
facebook down error
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@thegreatjj22: Facebook down? Time to make my first tweet
@Hardly143: Is facebook down until now? #FacebookDown
@lukejamess95: Anyone else’s #Facebook down?
Facebook Down App Error
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@TypicalMsian: Facebook down? What’s Facebook Instagram? Too ugly for that WhatsApp? Up or down, still got no one to talk to As long as Twitter don’t go down, it’s all good.
@bill_nye_tho: facebook: down my hydration levels: up