Several Facebook users have reportedly been kicked out of their accounts mysteriously, and the worst part about the enigmatic kicking out was that they could not get back into their accounts. A substantial number of Facebook users have reported that they have lost access to their accounts.

Source: independent

Some of the users also said that the official Facebook website has stopped working altogether. These problems made a significant number of people to counter the confusion made the users go to the other social networks such as Twitter, and they have also asked Facebook as to what has happened to their respective accounts.

Significant other users also seemed worried about the fact that they have been hacked given that the problem looks like a technical issue by virtue of which the site works. The users also said that they have tried to get onto Facebook and found out that they were signed out. And when these type of users tried logging back into, as usual, their passwords seemed broken.

A pop up comes along when the users are not able to get back in their accounts.

Source: independent

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