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Is Emmerdale’s Maya Stepney alive?

Emmerdale revolves around the story of Jacob Gallagher and Maya Stepney. It’s been a couple of months now and we will soon find out what happened after Priya Sharma caught her. Is she still alive?

Emmerdale spoilers: Maya Stepney alive but still missing

The show was about to reveal Maya’s secret during the previous episodes through flashbacks. Leyla Harding gave her a lift while Priya was driving and Tracy Metcalfe was also in tow.

Emmerdale spoilers Maya Stepney

Emmerdale’s viewers were also puzzled why they were in a forest and that too near a river. Now, everyone is wondering what happened to Maya. Only three women know about Maya. Is she still alive but missing or dead?

The viewers will soon find out about that night and the fate of the schoolteacher. Leyla is finding it really difficult to keep the secret of Jacob and Maya with herself. Jacob will return after spending some time in Emmerdale with his mum. Leyla has no plans to make him confess everything she found out.

Emmerdale spoilers Maya Stepney

We will find everything from the flashback scenes. The scenes will see the ladies confronting Maya outside the club. Priya drove the car after convincing Maya to come with them and put her under pressure to find the answers to their questions.

There are hints that the confrontation could have turned somewhat dirty.

Maya escapes from the scene, but it takes a terrifying twist. What happened next? Did the three girls end up killing the groomer? Or did she fall into the freezing river? Emmerdale’s producer Kate Brooks has given hints that it will definitely end on a right note, so the fans need not worry. Everything will be fair at the end.


Written by Faran

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