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Emmerdale spoilers say Rhona in for another fall

Emmerdale Spoilers

Emmerdale is going on pretty strong and fans want more out of the show. In Emmerdale upcoming episode, Rhona Goskirk can’t seem to catch a break. Zoe Henry, who plays Goskirk, has revealed that her character is in for some difficult times ahead.

Another tragedy befalls Rhona

Rhona met with an accident involving a tractor in the last few episodes of Emmerdale. She was then hospitalized and operated on. Her problems began when she was prescribed ibuprofen and paracetamol for the post-surgery pain.

Her character has struggled with addiction in the past, and she is afraid that she is going to get addicted again.

Rhona confined her fears to Vaness Woodfield, played by Michelle Hardwick. Vaness then told Pete, played by Anthony Quinlan, that Rhona will “always be an addict”.

But her distress doesn’t seem to have an end. Henry has revealed that Rhona will suffer another terrible fall, sparking rumours that her character just might fall into the trap of addiction again.

Emmerdale Spoilers

Zoe added that Rhona is “trying to do too much”. She also said that the character is humiliated when her boyfriend, Pete buys her a fancy dress and flashy slippers to cheer her up.

She added that it makes Rhona feel like an old lady and hits a nerve.

Emmerdale: How it happened

Emmerdale SpoilersThe tragic accident befalls Rhona as she goes to help Kim Tate. Kim approaches her, concerned about the state of one of her horses. Rhona cannot say no, as she is a hopeless animal lover.

She goes to the stables with Kim, but as she finishes treating the animal, she collapses after getting a stabbing pain in her abdomen.

Zoe said, “She’s terrified, and she knows she shouldn’t have done it. She’s terrified something serious has gone wrong.”

Catch the latest episode of Emmerdale on ITV, at 7 pm tomorrow.

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