pregnancy and coffee

Pregnancy is a difficult time. Not only do you have to carry another person inside you for 9 long months, but you are also deprived of several things in life. However, most of the women don’t mind because motherhood is a magical and special time.

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Starbucks shames a pregnant woman

Is Coffee safe for pregnant womenHowever, it seems that the rest of the world cannot stop coming after the mothers to be. There have been recent reports suggesting that a Starbucks barista in the UK recently shamed a pregnant woman for drinking coffee.

Tiffany Stevenson tweeted the incident on social media when she saw the barista ask a pregnant woman if she would like her coffee to be decaf. Apparently, the Starbucks employee said that she shouldn’t drink caffeine because it is bad for the baby.

A spokesperson of Starbucks responded to the allegations by saying that there must be a misunderstanding. They added that it is the company policy to display drinks and ingredients and to help customers make their own decisions about what to order.

Not a one-time incident

Is Coffee safe for pregnant womenHowever, such incidents are not new. A few days ago, a pregnant woman on Reddit revealed that an old woman had snatched her coffee and thrown it away. Known by the moniker of Counting Ravens, she jokingly asked if this is a legit reason for murdering someone.

Random woman literally took away my coffee? Is this grounds for murder? from BabyBumps

The grandma apparently didn’t believe her when she revealed that it is OK to drink one cup per day as per scientific studies.

American College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists has revealed that a moderate amount of caffeine amounting to 200 milligrams a day is perfectly OK to drink during pregnancy. The amount adds up to be equal to the caffeine found in a 12-ounce cup of coffee.