Fans were going crazy over the numerous references to Back to the Future that was being made in a series of cryptic tweets that were posted by Christopher Lloyd and Michael J. Fox. As a result, they started speculating about what news was about to be presented to them. Whether it was another installment in the series or something completely different, it seemed to be related to the series.

The past few days have seen people on the Twitter jump from one cryptic tweet to another for two days, making fans from the 1990s run around with excitement and wondering if this was a hint to any future projects relating to the franchise. On the other hand, there is a possibility that this was not the case at all.


In the minds of the audience, there was a significant possibility that another Back to the Future would be made.

The internet started to get really hyped up based on a hint that both Christopher Lloyd and Michael J. Fox had been building up this past week on their social media accounts, especially considering the fact that both have Back to the Future slang entrenched firmly in the descriptions of their posts. Fans had hoped for a legacy film or a series, but instead, a Back to the Future web store has been created to showcase the reveal.

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Fans can purchase merchandise related to the franchise. Even though there is currently nothing that can be purchased from the new web store, fans are beginning to believe that it will soon provide a new line of NFTs. This is despite the fact that there is nothing currently available to buy from the new web store.

Both Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd made appearances at the New York Comic Con this year. The fact that they embraced one another upon seeing one another again made their get-together feel especially heartwarming. This is especially true when considering the fact that Fox doesn’t appear in public very often these days. A fascinating conversation ensued between them about the trilogy and the influence it had on each of their lives. Even though there was no mention of this store in the event, the fans’ desire for the two of them to interact was something that they longed for.


There is never a dull moment when it comes to the desire for the Back to the Future film.

Despite the fact that Michael J. Fox has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, the likelihood of there being a fourth installment of Back to the Future is extremely remote at best. In 1985, the very first film, which was an instant hit in the theaters, was finally made available to the public. Fox went on to write a number of books about his diagnosis after he received it. But because of his health, he can’t make another movie. However, both he and Christopher Lloyd know how important the fourth movie will be for them and for fans of the series as a whole.

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The Back to the Future shop has not yet begun selling any merchandise; however, fans can sign in with their email addresses and wait for any announcements regarding the online platform to be made. It is possible that the shop will sell clothing, collectibles, books, and other items as well.