Attack on Titan is no less than a phenomenon in contemporary pop culture. Very few anime and mangas have impacted the industry to such an extent.

The iconic characters and epic world-creation, together with a powerful story, is the reason for the popularity of Attack on Titan’s.

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Attack On Titan
Fans are left wondering if there will be another season of Attack on Titan or not.

The anime depicts different shades of humanity. However, the ongoing anime adaptation has created a lot of confusion about the story. Fans are left wondering if there will be another season of Attack on Titan.

How will Attack on Titan end?

Hajime Isayama concluded the manga back in 2021. The manga was published 11 years before, in 2009, and had 34 volumes. The ending left the fans quite emotional. The narrative ended with epic intensity, and it deserved the passionate response it got from the fans.

Attack On Titan
The ending of the manga left the fans quite emotional.

According to sources, the anime will end with Attack on Titan: Final Season Part 3. Previously; the anime ended with Episode 28 of the Final Season, i.e., the 87th episode of the anime overall. It’s time for humanity to face the dreaded Rumbling that the Founding Titan of Eren Yeager triggered. We all see that the Wall Titans are on the Marley shores. They are ready to destroy everything.

The readers already know the havoc that will follow. The anime will next pickup from Chapter 131. The war against Eren will begin, and fans will get to see the wrath of the titans. Many fans feel that the ending with bittersweet tragedy must be changed as it was quite controversial.

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Attack on Titan has the greatest plot twists in anime history
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Isayama also apologized publicly for the ending and also said that it has had an impact on him as well. MAPPA might modify the ending, but no one knows how it will conclude.