Is Alexa down? Users of Amazon’s Alexa Assistant complain on social media

    Amazon is alexa down

    As the world moves towards a digital future, virtual assistants are getting increasingly popular. The biggest name of recent times is that of Amazon’s Alexa. However, of late a lot of people are left wondering – is Alexa down? Users of the service were upset after Amazon’s virtual assistant recently went through a downtime!

    Is Alexa Down

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    Let us take a closer look at this and see what problems the users have been facing.

    Why Is Alexa Down?

    Alexa is Amazon’s hottest property right now and has been getting increasingly popular with a large number of platforms integrating support for it. It is surprising that even with such hype, the service went down! The reason why this has possibly happened is because Alexa might just be facing too much server load!

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    This means that a larger than usual number of people were using the service and the servers weren’t expecting that kind of a load at the time that it happened. This is the reason as to why is Alexa down.

    However, after users began to complain, Amazon was quick to act and got their best engineers working on fixing this problem. By now, Alexa is up and running again! Nevertheless, the downtime that the Alexa faced caused a lot of trouble to the users. Let us take a closer look at what the users have been saying about this problem on social media.

    amazon echo is alexa down

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    Users Express Outrage on Social Media

    Is Alexa Down trended on social media platforms as various users of the Alexa service began asking each other this question! Here are some tweets:

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