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iPhone SE 2: Everything We Know So Far About Apple’s New Budget iPhone

iPhone SE 2 Price

Apple tries to focus pretty much every product of theirs on the ‘premium’ branding. However, at the core of its operations, Apple also knows that the budget markets form a major chunk of the smartphone business. Hence, the iPhone SE 2 will be an effort from Apple to tap at the budget markets once again.  Let us take a closer look at what to expect from this gen-next budget smartphone from Apple.

iPhone SE2 RElease Date
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iPhone SE 2 Specifications and Features

Current indicators point at the fact that this gen-next iPhone SE smartphone will feature an A11 chip, and will sport a bezel-less display along with a notch. The size of the display would be pretty similar to the screen that we have on iPhone 7. The phone won’t feature a headphone jack either, in-line with Apple’s design policy of late. The phone is expected to come out in variants of 32GB and 128GB.

Apple iPhone SE 2
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iPhone SE 2 will also feature iOS 13 and is going to get all the latest updates for several foreseeable years. The phone will have only a single camera on the back which would be at par with the one on iPhone 8.

iPhone SE 2 Release Date and Price

iPhone SE2 Specs
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iPhone SE 2 is not expected to release anytime in 2019 (not that there’s much time left in this year). The phone will be out sometime in Q2 2020 – in an event before Apple announces their gen-next iPhones in late Q3. The phone is expected to be priced somewhere around $325-350 for the 32GB model and perhaps $425-450 for the 128GB model.


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