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Apple iPhone SE 2 release and the mixed bag of opinions

Apple iPhone SE 2 release

The mobile phone company, Apple, is facing a sort of decline in sales. And, despite it, the Cupertino giant does not seem to be pretty clear about its next strategy to come out of the waters. Experts suggest that Apple should think of releasing iPhone SE 2 soon to compensate for the loss.

There were articles by experts giving advice to Tim Cook to release its SE 2 edition to save the company from drowning. However, in this blog, we are going to discuss exactly the opposite—why should Apple not release its iPhone SE 2 edition despite the decline in sales. Let us find out:

iPhone SE 2 sales have improved

According to a report, iPhone sales have declined in the quarter but have also improved towards the end of it. So releasing iPhone SE 2 at this can in fact prove a venture of loss.

iPhone SE 2: Exclusive look at features and design

This new SE version might not go well with the image

Apple is a premium high-end device. People from around the world know that all products from Apple are priced heftily for they guarantee the best quality. Apple product is not just a device but also a style statement on its own. It is an assurance of trust that will not fade away with time. And imagine releasing a cheap SE 2 edition at this time.

It all might go against Apple’s image. A product that is synonymous with quality and luxury cannot deliver a product like that. It will probably hurt the company’s image.

According to IDC’s Associate Vice President for Devices, Francisco Jeronimo,

“…launching a mid-range handset would be good for short-term interest, but it won’t help the brand in the long term as the image of Apple is premium…it’s much better to sell discounted older and refurbished devices as it keeps Apple’s brand at the high level.”

Written by Vijay Dubey

Pursuing a integrated degree of engineering and law, got into content writing as a hobby. Started my initial work on multiple pages on Facebook and after receiving experience shifted to writing articles.

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