iPhone 11’s A13 Chip will be an industry example with unimaginable performance and breathtaking AI capabilities

    Apple A13 Chip

    Even if the iPhone 11 would most likely omit 5G-based connectivity or won’t have a foldable display, there are unquestionably other things that are interesting and people are looking forward to it. The upcoming lineup of iPhone’s will feature the very powerful system-on-a-chip, The A13.

    The newer chipset is likely to make a debut in September of this year 2019. It will almost certainly be the fastest SoC available in the market. This will also be the fastest chip Apple has ever developed for iPhones.

    Let us take a closer look at the future iPhone 11 processor chip

    Built on a 7nm process

    The iPhone 11’s A13 by Apple will take a leap and will make a newer chip processing node based on 7nm(Nanometer) architecture, jumping from previous10nm to 7nm. TMSC, the sole chip supplier for Apple is said to be manufacturing this chip too.

    The new 7nm chip is using Extreme Ultraviolet lithography for producing the chip layers. This should help the chip provide a better density and power efficiency for the iPhone 11. It is expected that Apple with their A13 will use the best manufacturing technology possible for the production of the SoC.


    The transistor count will remain the same as seen on the previous gen chips. It is expected that the company will be doubling up the CPU core count to from 2 to 4. The clock speeds will be increased too.

    Apple A13 Chip for iPhone 11


    The capability to render high power 3D games will be a cakewalk for the newer iPhone 11 thanks to this chip. Complex image processing and high-quality video rendering again shouldn’t be a problem for the A13.


    Machine Learning and AI are an integral part of the iPhone experience the
    AI capabilities of the A13 will make operations much more intuitive than before. With the latest chip, an Intel XMM 7660 modem will be paired but it won’t support 5G Connectivity. Apple iPhone 11’s A13 SoC could have a Neural Engine that will do 20 trillion operations per second.

    The A13 all in all will be very fast both in terms of performance and gaming the chip should also carry some enrichments to the Neural Engine for better functioning of Face ID and other functions.

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