The iPad Air 4 and iPad Mini 6 are all set to be the gen-next devices that Apple is working upon. However, will these new iPads be as good as the previous ones?

Given the departure of key engineer Gerard Williams III, we may see some changes in the performance of these new devices.

Apple Engineer Leaves iPad Mini 6 iPad Air 4 Suffer Chips
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Let us take a closer look at who Gerard Williams III was and why his exit spells bad news for iPad Air 4 and iPad Mini 6.

Why Was Gerard Williams III Important to Apple?

Williams was a semiconductor engineer with Apple who held the position of senior director in platform architecture with the company. He led the development of every Apple processor from Apple A7 to Apple A12X. The company takes pride in saying that the A12X is 92% faster than the world’s computers!

Apple Engineer Leaves Gerard Williams III
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He is the inventor on more than 60 Apple patents. Given his significant contribution to the company, it looks like Apple’s future products will continue to benefit from his legacy. However, would his departure affect the iPad Mini 6 and iPad Air 4 devices?

Will iPad Mini 6 and iPad Air 4 be Affected?

The latest version of iPad Mini is that of the fifth-generation. iPad Air (third generation) was announced earlier this year. While these devices are powered by the chips designed by Williams, will his exit mean that the quality of chips deteriorates?

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Apple Engineer Leaves iPad Mini 6 iPad Air 4 Suffer
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The point here is, that will Williams’ departure mean that iPad Mini 6 and iPad Air 4 offer sub-standard processors when compared to the past given that their key engineer has left the company? Only time can tell.