We all want to know who we are. To take advantage of it. It can take a lifetime for some. For others, just a few seconds. Even if they don’t own it.

520K people are members of a subreddit called r/ActLikeYouBelong. You must be wondering why so many. It has a lot of stories, pictures, and videos of people pretending to be someone else.

You will surely find it surprising how many of these evil geniuses get away with their crimes.


1. Beauty pageant contest for children.


2. The so-called “social media influencers”.


3. The reality T.V. shows. So shouldn’t have existed!


4. The subscription models for the products we purchase.


5. The Shark fin soup. Millions of Sharks are killed every year for it.


6. Gender reveal parties.


7. The ads that pop up towards the end of a video on YouTube.


8. Landmines. Lots of livestock and wild animals are killed because of them.


9. The AdBlock detectors on various websites. Always the content blockers!


10. The devices that are not durable and irreparable.


11. The fish habitant destroyer. Sea trawling.


12. The ads on YouTube that cannot be skipped.


13. Bot calls.


14. Pesticides. The pollinator killers.


15. The 40+ hours a week model.


16. The Cookie pop-ups on websites. Still no way of efficiently managing browsing privacy.


17. Slavery. A huge problem that still exists.


18. Facebook. The name says it all.


19. Fast fashion. Rather go for the quality.


20. Autoplay videos on platforms that aren’t even concerned with videos at all.


21. Single-time use plastics. A cause for environmental conditions.


22. Ads on streaming services. Just silly.


23. Convenience charges on the transactions made through credit or debit cards.


24. The so-called “smart devices”. No, we don’t need to use an app to control the washing machine. Just want to wash clothes!


25. Cigarettes. So many would’ve lived longer without them.


26. Microtransactions on various apps. Especially the pay-to-win ones.


27. Social media in general. A cause of depression, promoting hatred and what not.


28. LED advertising. Too many distractions on the streets already.


29. Political parties. All about spreading agendas.


30. 24-hour news cycles just for the purpose of entertainment.