Everything is relative. When you see Simone Biles competing against other gymnasts but putting them near each other, you’ll instantly get an idea of their size.

We put together a list of comparison pictures from all sorts of different areas, including nature, technology, and social issues, to broaden your understanding of the world. It’s a series we’ve been working on for a while, so if you like to scroll through the images, fire up our earlier publications here, here, and here. Maybe you missed some.


1. I was depressed and suicidal a year ago. Things have gotten better now.


2. Before and after cleft lip surgery.


3. After 42 years as an Obstetrical Nurse, I just retired. Here I am at the beginning and end of my career.


4. Still best friends, fifteen years later.


5. One year ago, my wife brought a baby back to life with a blood transplant.


6. I saw the left picture (open heart surgery) on my photos and felt proud of myself.


7. 2021 starting vs. progress.


8. This art completes me.


9. I drew her and she drew me.


10. Randomly came across the building in the painting while on a trip.


11. The sad boy is showing off how good he looks after a few months of love and care.


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12. My brother’s dog before and after adoption.


13. A cubic window at different times of the day.


14. Real estate agent responding to vandalism.


15. Vitiligo turned into art.


16. My little guy doggo turned 1 this week.


17. This is the size of a tree they’re cutting down. This is the reason people are upset.


18. Find the odd one out.


19. My wife thought he wouldn’t get big but here he is.


20. Light pollution has effects: How the stars look on a typical night vs. on power outage.


21. The Lithuanian army decided to share this because it’s their statehood day.


22. I decided to donate my hair this month after growing it out for nearly three years.


23. Inseparable.


24. There seems to be one odd Chess piece.


25. My 1977 Triumph Spitfire in between Fords On 44’s.


26. Men’s beach-Handball teams’ uniform vs. the womens’ uniform.


27. Samsung Galazy S21 Ultra in my wife’s jeans vs. my 18-month-old son’s joggers.


28. 2019 vs. 2021.


29. Lake superior’s many colors.


30. Women’s USA Basketball team vs. El Salvador.