The horror movie, known for its gruesome gore, Terrifier 2, has just grossed an impressive $5.2 million at the box office.

Terrifier 2 follows on from the story of the first movie, with Art the Clown haunting a teenage girl and her brother on Halloween.

The movie has been in the news because of how shockingly bloody it is. It came out in the US earlier this month and in the UK on Monday, October 24.

Even so, it’s safe to say that it’s doing very well since the movie made $5.2 million on a budget of only $250,000.

Over the last weekend, a staggering $1.8 million was brought in, an 84 percent increase that allowed it to surpass $5 million.

Bloody Disgusting, the company that sold it, says that’s an impressive average of $2,511 per theater.

Since Terrifier 2 started out as an Indiegogo project, the people who made it didn’t think it would do so well.

But the scary adventure got so much attention that the money made from it went up to more than 430 times the original goal.

Not only do fans love the movie, but critics also have a lot of good things to say about it.

On Rotten Tomatoes, the critics’ consensus sits at an impressive 88 percent, with the audience score not much lower at 85 percent.

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A reviewer at North Shore Movies, Sean Burns, said: “Good lord, is ‘Terrifier 2’ disgusting. It’s also a blast, if you’re into this kind of thing.”

Matt Donato, a movie reviewer at IGN, said: “Terrifier 2 rips, tears, hacks, shreds, butchers, disembowels, decapitates, devours, pulverizes, tenderizes, slices, dices, skewers – I’m missing plenty – and knock-em-out-dead eviscerates the current competition when it comes to low-budget slasher effects.”

We Live Entertainment’s Aaron Neuwirth said: “This is an overlong but effective splatter horror feature that really doesn’t run short on anything.”

Terrifier 2 has been in the news in the US because it made people pass out while they were watching it.

One fan, Andrew Liming, posted a picture to Twitter of a friend who had passed out in a movie theater while doctors were helping him.

He said: ” #Terrifier2 my friend passed out and the theater called an ambulance. Highly recommended.”

If you want to watch Terrifier 2 around Halloween, you should know that it is not for the weak of the heart.