A story from an insurance agent has caused quite a stir in the Antiwork community. The headline of the post says, “I just got fired for using a client’s bathroom.”

Turns out, while visiting the client, the author “ended up staying at this woman’s house for 3 hours today getting her, her two kids, and her sister signed up.” Moreover, “she offered me a coffee (which our company says we ‘have to accept otherwise it would be rude) and I drank two.” The author needed a restroom and the client offered to let her use it in her home.

This could have been the end of the story. At the company Tosser_tin was working for, cups of coffee had to be accepted out of politeness, but the need for the loo on duty is a big No-No. To find out how it ended, read the whole story below, and be sure to share your thoughts in the comment section.


An insurance agent shared a story about how using a client’s bathroom while on duty cost them a job.


To find out what an expert had to say about this incident, Bored Panda reached out to Christine Mitterbauer, a career coach and serial entrepreneur who was happy to share some useful tips and insights. “It’s a shame that senseless rules and regulations sometimes mean more than common sense and normal decency,” Christine said.

“Unless the employee made a mess in the clients’ toilet, there’s no reason to discipline or even fire them for using the toilet. It doesn’t matter if the employee was aware of this rule or not, it’s simply an unreasonable and degrading rule, especially given the working conditions of that poor guy who spends most of the day working in his car,” she explained.


The author added more information to the story.


Christine has never heard of a similar incident in her career, but she has seen people get fired for crazy reasons. “I have seen people get fired for taking home some out-of-date biscuits that were lying in the staff room. The argument from HR was that this amounts to ’stealing’, which again is an example of getting hung up on senseless rules rather than using your common sense.”


Many people in the community called out the company’s policy after the incident.


One person said that it was best to stay silent when talking to your coworkers.