Instagram and WhatsApp may be owned by the same parent company, Facebook, but their core functionalities are a lot different. However, if the latest leak is to be believed, this gap in functionalities might soon be closing down a little.

A lot of features of Instagram are available only in the mobile app. The desktop and web versions of Instagram have limited features only. For instance, the users cannot upload stories and images using the desktop and web versions. These features are only available on the mobile app.

However, according to recent reports, Instagram is coming up with a new feature of Direct messages on web browsers for desktop and mobile.

Direct Messages For Web

A reverse engineering specialist Jane Manchun Wong has revealed that Instagram is testing the web version of Direct messaging. The web version of Instagram will have an arrow for Direct messaging similar to the app version. The two will be quite similar. You can simply tap on the arrow high will redirect you to the messages. The users can then easily compose, view and send reply to a message.

At present, only Instagram employees have this feature. This will help them to test the feature and identify any potential bugs. Improvements will be made accordingly before it is rolled out to the users.

Facebook Merger Plans

The addition of this new feature could possibly be a part of merger loans of Facebook. The company has already said that it would like to combine platforms like Whatsapp, Messenger and Instagram. This will help in cross-platform messaging on times to come.

However, Facebook plans haven’t got an approval from lawmakers and experts who feel that there is a possibility of anti-trust and security issues due to it.

Similarities between Instagram and Whatsapp

The web version of Instagram will have an arrow for Direct messaging similar to the app version.
Credits: Tech Incidents

The two platforms have many features in common. However, Instagram didn’t allow the users to send Direct messages using its web version. But after the addition of this feature, Instagram will compete directly with Whatsapp.

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