Facebook Messenger vs WhatsApp messenger new update to Facebook Messenger
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Facebook Messenger vs WhatsApp is among one of the most interesting intra-brand rivalries. Both applications being owned by Facebook, it appears that WhatsApp is beating Facebook Messenger in terms of monthly active users. In order to bring their native messenger up to speed with WhatsApp, Facebook has now introduced a new feature in Facebook Messenger. Following a new update, you can now delete sent messages on Facebook Messenger!

This makes the Facebook Messenger vs WhatsApp war more exciting. Let us take a closer look at this new Facebook Messenger Update:

Facebook Messenger vs WhatsApp: Delete Sent Messages on Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger Update vs WhatsApp Messenger Update
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This new update to the Facebook Messenger is a rather interesting one. Facebook announced that users would be able to delete sent messages up to 10 minutes after sending them. The message would disappear from the sender as well as the receiver’sĀ app.

Facebook claims that this new Facebook Messenger update gives users more control over what they share. The company, on a lighter note, has pointed out that users can now avoid any ‘tumbleweed situations’. However, while Facebook takes a dig at the user’s – this is actually an attempt to boost Facebook Messenger.

Facebook messenger vs WhatsApp Delete Sent Messages
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When it comes to Facebook Messenger vs WhatsApp, both the apps are owned by Facebook. However, the company would perhaps want to ensure that their native app has a larger number of users. Hence, this feature, which was earlier a core component of WhatsApp – has now been provided to Facebook Messenger with this new update!

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