Instagram stories

Instagram has recently surpassed 1 billion users. Around half of which uses Instagram daily. Even a small bug affects the lives of the entire world. Therefore when Instagram goes down, people go crazy.

For instance, Instagram users are getting mad over a new feature. Now, if someone takes a screenshot of an Instagram story, Instagram sends out a notification.

Instagram Screenshot Notification: What’s new in the latest update?

Instagram latest update

Instagram started this as a small roll-out feature in February 2018. It said that the other user has taken a ‘screenshot of your story’. After receiving backlash over it, removed the feature in June 2018 updates.

The latest update, as of March 2019 sends a different kind of notification. Now if someone sends you a disappearing story in the form of a direct message, taking a screenshot of it may notify the sender.

Is Instagram trying to copy Snapchat?

Instagram copying Snapchat features

Snapchat has always complained that Instagram has always copied its features. It started with the introduction of 24 hours visible only stories, then face filters and now the latest is screenshot notification.

Snapchat has around 300 million users, so why will a billion user Instagram application is trying to copying its features?

The reason is that Instagram is the fastest evolving Facebook subsidiary, trying to attract more users each day. Mark Zuckerberg is smart enough to adapt the latest trends.

How to take screenshot without getting detected?

Instagram detecting screenshots

There are a few ways to get around and fool the highly advanced tech algorithm. Tech genius all over the world has come up with several solutions.

As someone on twitter suggested, that you can put your phone over Flight mode and then take a screenshot. On doing that way it won’t send out notification. Also, you can open the app in a web browser from a PC and download the stories.

The last trick is to use third-party apps, but it is suggested to stay away from them as they can harm your phone. Stay tuned to Hiptoro for more technical updates and latest news.