Snapchat has never ever failed to impress with its creative filters. And this Saturday, Snapchat introduced the much awaited Cat filters. This new feature will enable your Snapchat camera to automatically detect your cat’s face and apply the filter of your choice to it.

The app was previously the best one for human face filters, but was occasionally able to identify animals. But with the introduction of the latest cat’s lenses, Snapchat will be able to reliably identify cat’s faces. Isn’t it one of the best news for your cats.

Source- Grumpycat

But why only cats? And not any other animal? Well, the reason is still unknown. In its tweet, which announced the introduction of cat’s lenses, Snapchat came up with some really cool images showing the filters in action. One of the showed a cat with bats flying around its face. Another snap included the owner and the cat taking selfies with some grumpy looking glasses.

So why the wait? Let’s just grab your cat and try the newly launched cat lenses from Snapchat.

Source- Business Insider

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