Christian Wilkins answered a social media troll who made fun of his outfit at Penfolds Derby Day in Melbourne recently.

The cyberbully called the model and influencer, who iss 27 years old, “an attention-seeking r****d” and made fun of his outfit, which was meant to get people’s attention.

Christian replied by posting the mean meme to his Instagram Stories and adding some harsh words of his own. He told the troll that the term was offensive because it was a slur against disabled people.

‘Honestly think what you want,’ Christian told the troll in his post alongside the screenshot.

‘But as a sibling of someone with a disability, I find this term extremely offensive.’

Richard Wilkins, one of Channel Nine’s longest-running hosts, is the father of Christian and his four siblings.

Adam, Richard’s oldest son, has Down syndrome and is 47 years old.

The troll made fun of Wilkins’ Derby Day outfit as if it were a Halloween costume by using a picture of him in it.

A fake “advertisement” for the look said “tucking tape,” “chicken fillets,” and “Richard Wilkins’ tick of approval.”

It happens after Christian wows the fashionistas of Flemington on Derby Day.

Christian showed off his sense of style by wearing a headpiece with feathers.

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In the exclusive Birdcage enclosure, he also wore a satin top, black silk pants that were too big for him, and shoes that looked like hooves.

He also wore a pair of black gloves that were almost see-through and were pulled up past his elbows.

Christian, who is known for his great style on the red carpet, added a moonstone necklace to finish off the look.

The actor and model had said before that he planned to “break” the gender-based rules of the cup carnival.