India vs Pakistan Manchester

The Manchester City weather department is lately very much baffled due to the sudden increase in people asking for updates. In the last 15 days, almost millions of people are searching for Manchester City weather. It has been the top searched term, and people want to know the weather of this England city more than any cyclone or floods.

Here is the main reason why are people from all over the world are searching for Manchester City weather. Also, we have given a detailed analysis of trends and search figures to explain to you how much of a big impact it has.

India vs Pakistan Cricket Match

India vs Pakistan

As from May 30, the ICC cricket world cup 2019 has started in England, and a few matches were washed away in the rain. One of the most awaited cricket match in the current world cup tournament is the India vs Pakistan game on Sunday, June 16. Both the countries have a combined population of around 2 billion, and each of them in excited for the match.

But all of the fears that the rainy weather might be an obstruction, which leads to the trending search term. Fans of India vs Pakistan march are looking for the Manchester City weather, to get the latest updates about the game. The latest reports say that the weather is a bit cloudy, but the game will happen with or without a few drops of rain.

Manchester City Weather – Trend Analysis

India vs Pakistan

While none of the outsiders were interested in Manchester weather, the latest India vs Pakistan match has made the whole world search for it. There has been a sudden increase in the count, and it people searching for England weather has made it viral.

India vs Pakistan

It is not just about Manchester; people are also searching for other locations where ICC cricket world cup matches are taking place. It includes Nottingham, Taunton, and even Trent Bridge. India vs Pakistan match will start at 10.30 am UK time and 3.00 pm IST.