India vs Pakistan Cricket Match Cancelled Rain IND Vs PAK

India vs Pakistan cricket matches are much more than a sport. Given the long history of the cultural and political rivalry of the two nations, every time the two nations face off, over a billion eyes are glued to their television sets. The clash between the two giants, especially in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 – is perhaps the most awaited cricket match of the year. However, rain might play a major spoilsport.

India vs Pakistan 16 June Cricket Match
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Given that four matches have already been washed out this year, there is a major risk that the Sunday clash between the two Asian giants might just get cancelled! Let us take a closer look:

Will India vs Pakistan Cricket Match Get Cancelled?

There is a good chance that at least some of the match will be interrupted by the weather! Predictions on Google show that there is as high as 65% chance of rain on the day of the India vs Pakistan cricket match at Old Trafford.

India vs Pakistan Weather

However, luckily, the rain isn’t expected to continue for the entire day – but most of the afternoon is expected to be dominated by strong rain. Furthermore, it is also going to be pretty windy around the afternoon.

Who Will Win: India or Pakistan?

India vs Pakistan Cricket Match
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India vs Pakistan cricket matches at the World Cup tournaments have always had one result – India has an unbeaten streak against Pakistan. In their 2019 clash too, India is considered a heavy favorite against the opposition. It will be interesting to see if the wind and the rain play a factor in tipping the decision to either side’s favor.