India vs Pakistan 2019 ICC Cricket World Cup IND vs PAK

India vs Pakistan is one of the biggest rivalries in Cricket. The ICC cricket world cup is making progress, and Sunday, June 16 is finally here. The cricket teams of India and Pakistan will clash against each other for the seventh time, with India leading 6-0. Pakistan has never been able to beat India at the cricket world cup, but this year they would want to change it.

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But one of the biggest trouble which is an obstacle to both team is the weather of England. Many of the games in this world cup has already been canceled due to rains, and clouds are also upon the Manchester city. Here are the latest updates about the Old Trafford ground and weather in Manchester city, where India vs Pakistan will be played out.

Manchester City Weather

The latest weather reports look so far good, without any rains till now. It is expected there will be a few mild showers in between the India vs Pakistan march at Manchester city. Other than that, the game would be fully played, without any interruptions.

But as usual, one can’t predict the weather, anything can happen in the upcoming hours and fate of India vs Pakistan is still in the air.

India vs Pakistan: Winner Predictions

Everyone hopes that the match would happen, in that case, would India maintain 7-0 lead or Pakistan can win for the first time. The previous stats don’t matter that much, as both the teams have new players. Let us look at the current performance of India and Pakistan and then predict a winner. India has so far not lost a single match in 2019 ICC cricket world cup.

  • India vs South Africa – India won by 6 wickets
  • Australia vs India – India won by 36 runs
  • India vs New Zealand – Match cancelled due to rain

Whereas Pakistan has lost 2 matches and only managed to win a single match that too by a very close margin.

  • Pakistan vs West Indies – West Indies won by 7 wickets
  • England vs Pakistan – Pakistan won by 14 runs
  • Pakistan vs Sri Lanka – Match abandoned due to rain

If we go by this, team India has the upper hand, but Pakistan also looks strong. Let us hope the rains don’t disturb the games and millions of fans get to enjoy India vs Pakistan match live.