One of their final moments together was captured on Ring by a dog owner who was grieving the loss of his Doberman.

Ruby the dog was the focus of the @rubydooby do TikTok account. However, on August 2, the cherished dog succumbed to dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM), a heart ailment that primarily affects Doberman pinschers. A furry friend can never be easily lost. When Ruby’s owner discovered footage of the two of them cuddling on Ring, he declared it to be something he would “cherish” forever.

“This Ring video means so much to me. Ruby and I would always take pics in the doorway so the camera wouldn’t pick it up. For some reason, I decided to take pics on the steps instead,” the video text read.

In hindsight, the instinct was strange. Ruby passed away four days later.

“It’s our last selfie together,” the video caption continued. “The smile and that nub wag she had will be with me forever. The pain of not having her is still with us but seeing that beautiful smile definitely helps with the pain.”

The pet owner was seated on the steps when Ruby appeared on the Ring camera to be jumping merrily on his back. She appeared to have a perfect position down with him.

The dog’s owner stated in the caption that this was their sole selfie together and the final “behind the scenes video I have of our selfies.”

On TikTok, the tearjerking video received 1.8 million views.

“Sorry for your loss. I’m so happy you have such a beautiful moment caught on video forever,” a person commented.

“I love the pure, beautiful love between you and Ruby,” another said.

“The smile on her face says it all,” someone wrote.

Four days before she passed away, a man took his “final selfie” with his dog, according to a Ring camera.