Overview of the Film

In His, Shadow is a Netflix film released in 2023 that tells the story of two brothers, Adamma and Ibrahim, who take different paths in life. Adamma is blind, but his other senses are highly developed, while Ibrahim becomes a drug lord. The film revolves around their confrontation and the events leading up to it.

The Issues with the Film

While In His Shadow has some great moments, such as Adamma’s portrayal of blindness, the story feels underdeveloped. The film could have explored the family dynamic and the disconnect between the brothers more deeply; the pacing is a significant issue. The integration of Black Magic’s character also feels disjointed and does not add much to the film’s outcome.

What Happens Between Adamma and Ibrahim?

As the story progresses, Aissata, the brothers’ sister, and her boyfriend, Malik, get caught up in the drama. Adamma steps in to protect them from Ibrahim, who has trapped Malik in one of his houses and has been abusing him. Aissata asks for Ibrahim’s help, but he locks her in a room instead. Adamma rescues Malik and decides to destroy Ibrahim’s entire complex. When he breaks into Ibrahim’s apartment, the brothers engage in a brutal fight, and Ibrahim tries to strangle Adamma to death. However, Adamma gets free and shoots Ibrahim, who ultimately dies. Aissata breaks out of her room.

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Does Adamma Live?

Adamma manages to escape the building unscathed, using his blindness as a strength. Although there is a connection to his father throughout the film, the ending feels lackluster, and the message is not strong enough to drive the meaning home. The cost of the confrontation was losing his brother, which may not have been worth it in the end.