There are moments that are seemingly impossible. We went to the r/nevertellmetheodds to find the best of these incidents, which ranged from life-threatening to charming.


1. That’s one solid post.


2. Multiple kinds of weather in a single picture. Impossible.


3. Redeem it!


4. This outfit is hot.


5. Arriving in the year when The Reboot was aired.


6. That’s an impossible close call.


7. A very useful art.


8. Such bad parking.


9. Did it detect itself?


10. A heart made of stone.


11. The land is nice.


12. How to become rich in an impossible way.


13. This ad is quite immersive.


14. Quite an interesting Math there.


15. Is it a call for a revolution?


16. Sisters that are co-workers.


17. This heroic bird saved a guy from a huge fine.


18. Salute to the pilot for making out of it. Just impossible.


19. Sweet and eerie at the same time.

20. That’s a close call.


21. A blocking leaf leading to an impossible photograph.