Straight, white, male heroes dominated superhero films and television shows for a very long time. There is a certain segment of fans that can’t tolerate it now that the needle is moving ever-so-slightly to offer heroes who don’t fit into that very familiar box a chance to shine.

Since it was originally revealed, She-Hulk: Attorney at Law by Marvel has been subjected to misogynistic criticism. Fans who want all of their heroes to be motivated by testosterone have wasted time whining about this shift to diversity via social media channels rather than simply choosing to stop watching the show and moving on with their lives.

The show is currently parodying them in return.

In the most recent episode of the program, Tatiana Maslany plays Jennifer Walters, who is featured in a news item about guys moaning online about “changing every superhero into a girl.”

“They took the Hulk’s manhood away, but then they gave it to a woman?” one man records himself demanding.


Fans who are equally tired of all the trolling found She-nonchalantly Hulk’s mocking callout of this toxic conduct amusing.


Although the reality of these comments doesn’t need to be explained to anyone who spends time online, receipts from some of the real social media comments made about She-Hulk were nevertheless pulled and compared to what was on screen.


The fact that the same folks are whining about the show’s most ridiculous post-credits sequence, in which Walters twerks with Megan Thee Stallion, only serves to highlight how boring and predictable they are.


Imagine just…having fun? These guys aren’t the ones!