We are bombarded with headlines that make us believe that the world is collapsing.

“While it’s important to report problems and issues, I believe there is so much good in this world that just needs to be found and promoted. This is especially true after the last few years we have had with COVID, political, and social unrest, and seemingly more negative headlines than we care to count.

That’s why I started The Happy Broadcast and, this year, it’s why I am so proud to announce WHOLE, the free happiness app. WHOLE is a culmination of what we started 4 years ago with The Happy Broadcast, a positive place filled with activities aimed at improving your mental health and happiness. We partnered with science to identify activities that are known to boost happiness, and then built them into a daily tracker that suggests simple things you can do to boost your mood.”

Consuming positive news can boost your mood. The world is getting better little by little and we need more positive news to acknowledge that. Here are some of the top-performing positive news illustrations.


1. Well done, Mexico!


Both 2020 and 2021 feel the same. There is no guarantee that we will overcome all of the challenges facing the human family. As millions of people have demonstrated in the past 24 months, action is possible, better solutions are available and a better future can be built. The people that have shown their kindness and love for one another are the ones that have overcome the Pandemic.

“One at a time, we can all make a positive impact. While I don’t want to be cynical and stop believing that the world can get better, I’m also not naive to think that the world can change if I don’t contribute. That’s why the future will be better if, instead of getting overwhelmed, we celebrate and get inspired by the millions of people that have shown us that we can all have a positive impact.”


2. That’s genius.


3. This should apply to every situation.


“I’m always optimistic. Every year is better than the one before and even in the past couple of challenging years, there have been several silver linings. The new generations are becoming more and more aware that we need to advocate for a better future, and we need to do that fast. I see more and more kindness and more and more people acting selflessly to change what’s wrong and help whoever is in need.

Even small acts of kindness towards the environment will, in turn, benefit all and I see that happening. That’s why I’ve built The Happy Broadcast, to highlight the selfless actions of many amazing human beings.

2021 has been a great year filled with hard work, fun, kindness, pizza, and dogs. I always have to keep my mental health in check, but that’s why I love to use my art as a beacon of positivity for me and the people that are kind enough to follow my projects.”


4. People don’t realize how massively important the reef is to ocean health. Glad it is recovering.


5. That’s awesome news!



“The biggest challenge (and reward) has been the launch of WHOLE. After three years of hard work on The Happy Broadcast, I met Keith, who is now my partner in this amazing company that wants to become the one-stop source for happiness. We created WHOLE, an umbrella brand that included The Happy Broadcast and other projects focused on mental health and happiness.

Ultimately people are not seeking to be “meditators,” “mood trackers,” or “journalers,” they want to be happier. WHOLE is a brand, community, and all-in-one mobile app focused on delivering all the “spokes” of mental health training within a single app that guides users towards the ultimate goal of increased happiness. The first big milestone was the launch of our WHOLE app, now available in the App Store and Google Play Store.

Our goal is very simple yet ambitious: To provide comprehensive solutions that increase the overall happiness of individuals while improving society as a WHOLE.”


6. This is fantastic.


7. Let’s hope it isn’t patented 200 times in order to keep costs out of reach.



8. This is gonna really make it hard to see what’s going on in Google Earth.


9. Didn’t even know this was a thing.


“One of the best things I heard in 2021 involves an organization in Finland called Aktivistimummot, meaning “Activist grannies.” It’s a group pushing for environmental change that delivers a lot of information about climate change. Their aim is simple: to ensure their grandchildren have a safe and sustainable future.”

It is a great example of how we can come together despite our age differences, for the good of a sustainable and fulfilling life for everyone.


10. That sounds like a really brilliant idea.


11. A relieving news.


12. Thank goodness. Horrible practice.


“Last year, I told Bored Panda about how rough it was in 2020, what helped me keep my sense of direction and not get lost during the pandemic, and what new artists should keep in mind. I think that 2020 was definitely a rough year, but I’ve never seen so many great stories of human kindness like then.”

It looks like humanity understood how important mental health is to everyone’s recovery and well-being despite all the challenges. Sharing good news is an important part of daily conversations.

There is a lot of good in this world that needs to be promoted. Some amazing and brave individuals did something to solve an issue that worries us all and that’s why we have positive news to share. One at a time, we can all make a difference. It’s time to be positive.


13. Hope they take it a step further and prohibit all goods by companies using shark fins in any product.


14. This just makes sense.


15. Finally a valid reason to have tinder.


“One of the things that helped me through the pandemic was working on The Happy Broadcast and interacting daily with my community. Sharing good news is a joyful experience for all and also an important part of daily conversations. Also, baking bread and pizza had a huge impact on my sanity during the lockdown.

One of my favorite pizzas, besides the classic Italian Margherita, is pizza Bianca (which means no cheese and no sauce) topped, after being baked, with a cold mix of vegan feta, arugula, olive oil, salt, and fresh thyme. It’s very fresh and different from the usual pizza we eat at a restaurant, but I’m a creative person, so cooking is another avenue to express that.”


16. Team seas will help with that.


17. What a great idea! Imagine if everyone did that.


18. That’s a big one. Go Science!


“Having a sense of purpose makes me feel less lost. I also try to not spend too much time on my phone scrolling through hundreds of posts and I turn my phone off before I go to bed. If I’m feeling blue, I put on some songs that make me want to play the air guitar and the air drums, like ‘Gloria’ by ‘The Lumineers.’

I’ve always loved doodling… especially things with cute faces because it’s so relaxing, creative, and fun! I like the message more than the style, so I don’t spend a lot of time on an illustration. Most of my time is spent sketching all the ideas that float in my brain. My advice to young artists is not to focus on trends; focus on what you like to draw.”


19. Make whatever partnership you want as long as you’re planting trees.


20. It’s the Danish company, Pandora.


21. At last…


22. This really should be true.


23. Amazing!


24. Nothing like the smell of a new book.





26. Those are the real winners right there.


27. Buzz stops.


28. That’s a really good idea. Hope it works.


29. Hope other countries act towards it as well.


30. Tackling the problem at its roots is the best way to solve it permanently.