ikea simpsons friends and stranger things

Ikea is trying to sell you ‘Stranger Things’ that can be your ‘FRIEND’ in the house of ‘SIMPSONS’. You are about to fall in love with IKEA for not just working on but also making your 90s dream a reality! Well, why just the 90s, what if we told you that IKEA would also fulfil your wishes of travelling in the parallel universe of Upside down with eleven and her friends?! Can’t believe it?

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Well, if not totally true, IKEA most certainly is trying to sell you furniture that would make your living room look a lot like the one in SIMPSONS and just to fulfil your eerie dream will bring the Ouija wall from Stranger Things to your home too.

IKEA is trying to sell you ‘Stranger Things’ that can be your ‘FRIEND’ in the house of ‘SIMPSONS’!
IKEA to sell FRIENDS themed furniture

The Promotional Idea

IKEA did come up with such advertising campaigns to promote itself in the UAE to hopefully get some money flowing and set the business rolling. The ads do not mention the shows at all but they do give you the pricing of the products in Dirham, the UAE currency.  While the Ouija wall may cost you about $1528 and the Simpsons’ set will cost you approximately $711.

IKEA is trying to sell you ‘Stranger Things’ that can be your ‘FRIEND’ in the house of ‘SIMPSONS’!
Your Stranger Things Themed furniture can be found here

IKEA: Crazy Fans doing anything!

Fans are willing to consider burning a hole in their pockets just to live in the apartment of their dreams with IKEA products and types of furniture. Well, if you find it all way too overwhelming, here’s something you can afford and be happy about too, (the Simpsons woven rug at $13 will surely make you happy!).

The furniture producer is trying to experiment with such an idea or creation just to see if the TV shows that a huge amount of people have taken into fancy, have any cultural impact on the people that they would willingly want to delve into those shows in real life.


IKEA along with the agency, Publicis Spain experimented and tested out whether or not these ads get a good response based on the likeableness or the crazy fan following that the fans have towards merchandise from a particular series. Definitely a smart move IKEA! Taking creativity and business a step forward.