In 2017, acquiring TaskRabbit was one of the best decisions made by IKEA as it helps the customers to solve all the problems which annoy them when shopping at IKEA.

IKEA is famous for the inexpensive furniture it sells. However, assembling the furniture together can be a daunting task for the customers. But the users can now hire workers with the help of TaskRabbit app who can help them to assemble the furniture.

When my furniture arrived at the very beginning of the delivery window, he was able to shift our appointment time hours earlier. Communication through the app was very easy and direct.

After the acquisition of TaskRabbit, IKEA is able to solve the issues related to assembling the furniture. The customers can hire a “tas ker” vi the TaskRabbit website, in-store employee or the app after making their purchase. As per the program, fixed pricing is offered to the customers if they seek help from a “tas ker”. This is separate from the delivery service offered by IKEA and booking can be done through TaskRabbit only.

You can easily access the TaskRabbit service by visiting IKEA Assembly page and select the furniture that you want to get assembled. Once you have selected the furniture, all you need to do is reserve a time and you are done. Shopping from IKEA has become a lot easier now and the entire process is smoother.

It only took him about an hour and a half to put together both pieces of furniture. Overall, the process was really simple, and it was definitely easier than having to do it myself.

Before making the payment, you have to sign up for an account. After that, you can easily choose a time and date for the tasker to come and help you assemble the furniture. The tasker will then contact you to ask about the specifications of the product you ordered and if they have already arrived. You can easily communicate with the tasker using the app.

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Your furniture will be assembled together in a short period of time and that too without taking much pain. It is way simpler than assembling the product yourself.

Source: Business Insider, Vector News