Real gentlemen always follow the rules. The rules should be changed if they don’t suit the gentlemen. This rule was established many years ago in a friendly company and no one has yet violated it.

If the rule looks obsolete and it concerns your own children, who will condemn a person for being ready to change it? This is a common moral dilemma that many of us face.

A man who wrote a post on the AITA community a few days ago has collected almost 19K upvotes and over 1.6K comments. The story comes with an almost happy ending. Let us not get ahead of ourselves.


The best friends of the Original Poster used to go fishing.

An annual fishing trip has been taking place for nearly ten years for the Original Poster and his four best friends. From the beginning, they set a rule for themselves. No one has yet violated this rule.


The friend took his 5 Y.O. This was a great experience for the son.

Two years ago, one of the friends, Tim, offered to take his five-year-old son on a fishing trip so that the tradition would spread to a new generation. Out of the entire group, only Tim and the OP had children, so the friends accepted the idea. The boy liked the trip so much that he went again the next year.


The group had a new tradition and the OP was happy about it.

A few months ago, a son was born to a friend of the group, and he was given a fishing pole by his friends, “Tim” and “Randy. The emergence of the tradition was very pleasing to the OP.


The OP told his friends that he wanted 5 Y.O. The daughters are going with them.

When a new trip was approaching, the OP told his friends that his daughter, who is now five years old, really wants to go with them, and he promised the girl to take her fishing. The OP was surprised that his friends looked at him like he had just said something weird.


The friends of the OP told him that this was a violation of their rule.

The person was surprised. He objected to the fact that his daughter is not a wife or girlfriend and that she is the same age as his son. In his own words, the OP does not see a difference. He would be against Tim’s son going if they didn’t take his daughter. Tim was already angry and ended up in a fight.


The rule seems to look a bit discriminatory according to people in the comments.

The commenters stood up for the girl and her dad. One of the people in the comments pointed out that the “no wives, no girlfriends” rule seems to be discrimination and that he would forward the entire comment to his friends.

The ending of the story was really good. The OP said that his friends admitted that they were wrong. They said they would only be happy if the daughter went with them. It must be great fishing!