At a church dance in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, Andy Fierlit and Donna first met in 1960. The young man in love requested a stick of gum from Donna, and the rest is history.

From high school sweethearts to newlyweds in 1966, the couple. At this time, they have four children and twelve grandchildren.

Donna experienced a brain aneurysm at the age of 45, which left her largely paraplegic. Doctors advised Andy to place mom in a nursing home since it would be best and simplest. They claimed she would require excessive care, which would strain the family.

As Andy listened to the physician’s advice, he couldn’t help but go back to the four words he firmly included in his vows to Donna: “For better or worse.”

Andy disobeyed the physicians’ advice since he had something else in mind for his cherished wife.

At the age of 73, Donna is wheelchair-bound. But wait till you see what she has accomplished over the previous three decades, all owing to her husband, who is as enamored with her as he was when he first asked her for that piece of gum.