'Hunter x Hunter' Chapter 391- Updates, Release Date, Latest News, Release Date

Around the same time previous year, ten new chapters of Hunter x Hunter came out. This year has so far experienced differently with not a single certain news on chapter 391 of Hunter x Hunter. Now, can this mean that the fans would be getting lesser new chapters this year?

‘Hunter x Hunter’ Chapter 391: Updates

'Hunter x Hunter' Chapter 391- Updates

Most fans are anticipating to get new chapters this year as Yoshihiro Togashi released a lot too many new installments the previous year since the year 2011. Twenty new chapters came out in 2018 which got over with Hunter x Hunter 390.

‘Hunter x Hunter’ Chapter 391: Latest News

'Hunter x Hunter' Chapter 391- Latest News

2018 was closed by Togashi with a lot of thrill where all readers saw the Xi-Yu members and the clan members of Hei-Ly in action. Chapter 390 of Hunter x Hunter titled “Clash” indicates that the upcoming chapter 391 will act as a continuation of the story.

It was, however, announced by Togashi in November late via Shonen Jump Magazine that the series is ongoing to other hiatus. Most fans thought the break to just go on for a few days or even months or in the worst case, the first 2019 quarter.

“So I’ll get started again soon depending on various circumstances such as my health.”

Many readers thought that chapter 391 of Hunter x Hunter are all part of new chapter batch and almost ten of these may follow through the second half.

‘Hunter x Hunter’ Chapter 391: Release Date

'Hunter x Hunter' Chapter 391- Updates, Release Date, Latest News, Release Date

It’s important to see that nothing was promised by Togashi for this year, ie. 2019. It isn’t new for Hunter x Hunter to pass a whole year without any chapter that took place in the year 2015. It will be best to wait for an official or specific announcement to be made about the chapter 391 release of Hunter x Hunter.

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It’s hard to predict definitively when it’ll end, specifically when the health of Togashi is a matter of more concern. For now, fans can hope that the 10 chapters that he aforementioned including chapter 391 of Hunter x Hunter will come out this year.