One of the most underrated and best Shounen happens to be Hunter X Hunter at the moment. There was always a lot of potential for the anime to be the first and as per us, its writing can be compared with One Piece. However, unfortunately, back problems of Togashi restrict him and stop him from functioning properly in the Jump.

Many of you have noticed that Togashi only writes ten manga chapter per year which could be termed as about a couple of months in the Weekly Shounen. The series’ anime has also been a hit due to this and has been a favourite among all manga fans.

Hunter X Hunter Season 4 Updates

Hunter X Hunter Season 4- Updates

We haven’t seen any new content from Hunter X Hunter in some time but we do believe that all of it depends on the fact that the manga series won’t be moving ahead. For those who have recently started viewing Hunter X Hunter over on Netflix, they must know that the first three seasons are available there.

However, Hunter X Hunter got more of the seasons left yet to be aired on Netflix as now many fans are anticipating the fourth season. So when will we see the Hunter X Hunter season 4?

We believe it may happen soon that the anime will have five seasons and a total of 148 episodes, many of which are yet to air.

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Hunter X Hunter Season 4: Netflix Release Date

Hunter X Hunter Season 4- Netflix Release Date

We have only seen three on Netflix but there are some countries who have already aired 148 episodes. This leads us to believe that Hunter X Hunter season 4 will come sooner than many people think. I’m sure that remainder of the seasons will add on in 2019.

We don’t know when will the upcoming seasons would be happening though. Stay tuned for more updates on Hunter X Hunter and other manga related news.s