We humans often forget that domesticated animals like dogs and cats see the world in a much simpler way than we do. As our pets get used to living with us on a daily basis, they start to pick up some of our habits and personalities. This, of course, supports the idea that these cute little animals are, in the end, not that different from us. When we can’t stop laughing because of how funny it is that they don’t understand or misunderstand something, we first realize how simple and naive these guys are.

Sometimes we overestimate how much we need the products, or the sellers send us the wrong ones, and things start to go wrong before our pets even get to see what we bought for them. But when it comes to being completely unaware of the things we do, our pets really step up to the plate.

We put together a list of pet owners’ pictures of their pets’ strange and funny reactions to the gifts they were given.


When all you wanted to do was give your dog a comfortable place to sleep, but it ended up working out even better than you could have imagined. It’s just not how you thought it would happen.


The owner of this cat decided to buy it a window hammock because the cat seems to spend most of its time looking out the window.

“So glad I bought my cat a window hammock.”

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The order for the automatic ball thrower didn’t go as planned.

“— Ordered an automatic dog ball launcher but got a tennis ball instead.
— You’re the ball launcher now.”


It’s probably safe to say that cats aren’t very mean.

Cats are simple creatures. You make them a comfortable place to relax, but no matter what you do, they will never go there.


When this dog started sleeping in the shark’s bed, its mood got worse.

Well, more like sooper angry!


That betrayed look just seems to scream, “Don’t tell me YOU are the cat-hater in question, hooman. Don’t you dare!”

Cover caption, “Cat-Hater’s Handbook”


Even though I’m glad for the warm and comfortable bed, I’d really rather not sleep in it tonight. Still, thank you for thinking of me.

“Nice bed, but I certainly won’t sleep in it.”


At least they weren’t lying when they advertised their product by saying it would make your dog happy and smile.


Dogs are not, by any stretch of the imagination, ungrateful creatures.


How cute you think your cat is compared to how cute it really is when you try to make it look cuter.


Advertisements often give the wrong impression of the products or services they are selling.


Shouldn’t something like this be at least twice the size it is instead of… well, um.


Because they are inherently good, our domesticated animals give us an endless supply of the happiness and love we need so much. When we spend our own money to make their lives a little bit happier and more comfortable, it gives us a lot of pleasure to see how our efforts have helped. On the other hand, it is funny to see their funny faces when the things we buy for them don’t work out as planned.

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Do you like looking through all of these pictures? Then you just have to keep scrolling down to have more fun.


Oops! It’s possible that there’s food that helps you limit how much you eat.


The box you were about to throw away will always be your cat’s favorite one.

“New sofa? No, we haven’t seen it.”


Cats will still sleep in the strangest places, even if you buy them an unimaginably large number of beds.

“I have 2 cat trees and cat beds all over the place, but my cat would rather sleep in our fake tree.”


After what just happened, at least the cat has a reason not to come back to this area anymore.


This business owner’s creative ideas have completely changed what “cat food” means.


This man went out and bought a banana bed for this baby.

“I bought an XL banana bed and thought the cat would look cute lying in it. But here’s what he does instead.”


Hey, Hooman! Could you tell me where I can find the second-side table?


Aww! I beg you, whoever you are, to feed this black-furred baby animal.

“Ever since we started using an automatic feeder, my cat sits in front of it like this for hours waiting for it to feed her.”

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Is this how artists in the Middle Ages painted portraits of their pets, like cats?


What is happening with this thing while it’s inside the house?

“I bought my indoor cat a square of grass, and I think I broke his brain. He’s been staring at it like this for 20 minutes.”


Hey Hooman, I can promise you I didn’t do that.


This cat is very good at waiting. Right now, it is waiting for its owner to call.

Because the cat’s owner didn’t call, the cat spent the whole night posing for pictures in front of the camera. Because of this, we shouldn’t ever keep the people we care about waiting.


Do you like to buy cute clothes and toys for your pets and give them a variety of tasty treats? If so, how do they react to them when they see them? Do you think your pets have a hard time understanding why you buy them new things? Tell us about all the fun things you’ve done with your pets and how they reacted to the things you bought for them, and we’ll be sure to share our own. We would love to hear each and every one of your stories.