We live in an era where news media always shock us with something horrible. And each time we see such news, our heart sinks. Sometimes it feels like the world is only filled with mean, mean people who are so selfish that they can go to any extreme to trouble others. 

But hopefully, we also get to see and hear about stories that make our belief in humanity even stronger. These sweet stories and incidents make us realize that there is still some good left. They help us understand that the world is still a good place to live in. 

And guess what? We have collected 32 such stories that will give you glimpses of hope and happiness. Scroll down and restore your faith in humanity. 

He Heeded The Call

Dads Trying Their Best!

Flowers Girls!


A Wholesome Friendship

The Diligence and Excellence

Safety First

VHS Tapes

One Last Beer

Yes To This Customer Service!

From Your Little Brother

A Stellar Boss

Like Father, Like Son

Let’s Go, Billy Joel!

Dad Watching Dad Be A Dad

A True Avenger

We Celebrate!

Love You, Mom

We Love A Good Redemption Story

Making His Own Path!


Here’s Your Lily 🙂

You Don’t Love Your Mom?

First Impressions Matter

Open Communication Type Of Parenting


Coworker Friends

Love You, Dad

Wholesome Science


A Wise Kindergartner

Parenting For The Win