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Hulu Beats Netflix in Q1 2019 earnings: Who will take the top spot this year?

In its latest subscription report, Hulu beat Netflix in Q1 2019. Hulu turns out to be a real Hulk in the United States. The giant over-the-top service provider seems to have left behind the existing superhero Netflix in the domestic market.

Hulu beats Netflix: Hulu reveals it all in a presentation

According to Hulu’s latest presentation, the company has got over 26.8 million paid subscribers out of 28 million. The rest of the customers are using Hulu’s promotional accounts. Hulu has for sure emerged as a new roaring superhero in the domestic after gaining a whole lot of subscriptions lately. But that said, Netflix is still the Alexander of the battleground. According to reports, Netflix has got some 60.2 million paid subscribers around the globe.

Hulu beats Netflix

However, Netflix’s subscription pace in the United States has been slower than that of a zombie. That is the reason why Hulu beats Netflix by a huge margin in this year’s Q1. As compared to Hulu’s 3.8 million paid subscribers, Netflix could only manage 1.74 million for the quarter.

Hulu on promotional spree

To increase its subscriptions even further, Hulu is now going on a promotional spree. It has dropped its subscription fee right when Netflix has upped the same a bit. Hulu has introduced this drop in price in February this year following which Hulu’s monthly subscription has come down from $7.99 to $5.99. On the other hand, Netflix has increased its monthly subscription fee from $10.99 to $12.99. In fact, Netflix’s cheapest plan is way more costly than Hulu’s standard plan.

After Hulu beat Netflix, Hulu has recently started a new plan to add value to its customers. This plan will cost its subscribers some $12.99.

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