cure for HIV AIDS 2019

A study was conducted recently which suggests that the cure for the deadly disorder called Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS) may be closer than what we think. It is highly possible that scientists will now be able to find a way to stop the transmission of HIV which is the causative agent of the disorder.

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Jeff Sheehy reveals the cure for AIDS

cure for HIV/AIDS 2019Former San Francisco Supervisor, Jeff Sheehy, revealed that there may be medications which prevent the transmission of the virus from an HIV positive individual to an HIV negative partner. “This is huge,” he added.

Sheehy is the first public official in San Francisco to identify as an HIV positive individual. He has been infected with the virus for 22 years now and he said that recent studies will bring a new ray of hope for many people in the community.

The study was conducted by University College London on 1000 male couples in Europe. They found that HIV positive patients who were using antiretroviral therapy did not transmit the virus to HIV negative partners even after condomless intercourse.

Dr. Silverman talks about the breakthrough

Cure for AIDS HIV“This suppressed in such a low level that the person is not infectious anymore. Now, what is so important is getting everybody tested. Those who are positive getting them under treatment, maintaining that treatment and people adhering to the medication on a daily basis,” said Dr Mervyn Silverman.

Dr. Silverman was the head of the San Francisco Department of Public Health in the 1980s. She said that we could have a cure for HIV/AIDS by the year 2020.